I'm Chelsea J. Rainey

- the culinary innovations consultant and creative entrepreneur behind Culinistics.

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I help foodies transform their passion into a marketable, culinary brand.


- Consulting-

Having an experienced corporate food professional on your business development team is crucial for business growth. I love working with my clients to develop and transform their brand.

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- the blog -

I love sharing culinary topics and conversation with you. Every Thursday, I post new information geared toward the food & drink industry, and helping you to specify, study, innovate, and focus your culinary brand.

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- resources -

A comprehensive database of industry research and trends. I created this to be a one-stop-shop for culinarians and food/beverage professionals to use as a foundation for brand development.

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About Me


Well, if you haven't noticed already, I'm completely and utterly obsessed with food. So much so, that I've turned my passion for food into a career where I can share that said passion with you! My background is split between the restaurant and food production industries, working with institutions, companies like Smoothie King, Potbelly Sandwich Works, & Pie Five Pizza Company, as well as multiple consumer packaged good brands. I've conceptualized and researched product concepts, supervised the development of their recipes, and curated the nutritional assessments and ingredient statements for those same products, which you can purchase in a local grocery store. All while eating unlimited amounts of ice cream in my office (#careergoals). I've represented brands and engaged with consumers, leading to what's most important, increased company sales and revenue. Basically, I've been implicated in every aspect of the corporate food sector - from behind-the-scenes to front-and-center.

As a part of the corporate world of food & beverage, I realized what it was I truly loved about food -- it's ability to bring people together, to engage and fellowship, and connect over a glass (or three) of wine. But I also realized that I wasn't getting any individualized engagement as a part of corporate (food) America. I'm all about being creative in the kitchen, but I get the most joy out of using that creativity to connect with you and your brand on a more personal level.

That (and because I'm a solid believer in the 'create your own lane' mentality) is why I created a line of products and services that uniquely develop and transform your offerings to target your audience, and ultimately, grow your brand. As foodies, our taste buds tingle at the thought of visiting a restaurant with an epic menu, trying the latest instagram food trend, or desperately skimming the grocery store aisle for that crazy chip flavor that just hit the shelves (Korean BBQ? yes, please). But knowing how to create that consumer excitement for your brand is a different story. Building a brand and creating amazing products and services can be 1) overwhelming; 2)stressful; 3) just plain intimidating. You've got to build on your current market stance, reinvent your line of products, and understand who your consumer is.

Not sure how to get started? That's what I'm here for!